Schweige Agreement

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« Everything is silent, every in neige` in Oxford Reference  » By: `All silence, all thought` in The Oxford Companion to German Literature  » A confidentiality agreement, including the declaration of confidentiality, the confidentiality agreement, the confidentiality agreement, the NDA (non-disclosure acronym English agreement) or the CDA (abc. for the confidential disclosure agreement), is a contract, the obligation to keep secret the information communicated to it. Unlike industrial secrecy, which is enshrined in law, the confidentiality agreement is free. « I feel like I`m still figuring out these 49 days of retreats and still trying to find words for what happened. Never before have I gone so deep into « nothingness » and seen that there was nothing to do. Nothing special happened, but it was so special! Thank you for giving this opportunity.  » – Severin The 49-day meditation service begins with participating in and remembering a 10-day meditation retreat of Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat. After this intense leadership phase, the practitioner moves in a solitary configuration, supported by Sahajananda with personalized practical advice. During the solitary retreat period, the proposed schedule includes at least 8 hours of hridaya meditation, 1-2 hours of hatha yoga relaxation and 1 hour of Pranayama.

The meditations themselves were of course deeper than ever. Without stimulation by the outside world, nor any intellectual input, the right brain could dominate on the left brain, and the transcendence of the mind was more complete. I have experienced a deeper silence and expansion than I ever imagined. Confidentiality declarations are often signed as part of patent negotiations in the licensing process. Signing a confidentiality agreement comes before the development of the licensing agreement, as this can only be done after sensitive data disclosures. Another application applies to confidentiality agreements in the event of a business acquisition or merger.