Aldi Malmesbury Section 106 Agreement

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Similarly, for S106 agreements that include affordable housing obligations, these additional fees will be charged at the above fee, to include a separate tax to cover long-term discounted home monitoring (DMV). This figure is $400 per house. As of December 1, 2020, the monitoring fee for all new S106 agreements will be as follows based on the number of trigger points. The development application includes land available to Wiltshire Council as part of an agreement between Gleeson and Wiltshire Council for a 460-seat primary school. It is assumed that the taxpayer will finance the construction of the school. It is not yet known whether access to the vehicle will be through the Reeds Farm Estate or Filands Road. Please note that there is an addendum to the July 2015 S106 protocol to replace the current pricing plan. See the minutes of Section 106 Planning Obligations for July 2015. The application is available on the Wiltshire Council,851750 website.

The site layout plan can be downloaded from the link below this page. Comments are requested until July 2 using the form here New CIL rules allow local planning authorities, Monitoring fees on the cost of monitoring obligations and for additional work and resources related to the publication of contributions from developers Gleson plans include a percentage of affordable housing, possibly managed by Westlea Housing Association This application is a result of Gleeson Developments Ltd won its appeal in July 2014 against Wiltshire Council refusing planning approval, and Gleeson subsequently made the decision. The appeal decision established the principle of development and the number of houses, so that objections to these issues are now negligible. An application from Bloor Homes for 180 units, internal road network, garages and car parks, drainage infrastructure, open public spaces and related works was submitted to Wiltshire Council under the planning reference 15/05015/REM for Land South of Filands Road. Click here to tell us if you found the contents of the page useful.