Appen Independent Agent Agreement

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I received an email from Appen that led me to He asked normal questions and started asking for my credentials. It was a fish, so I didn`t give it away. Then I found out that it`s not even…. Do you have in mind another program that can make me more money, and is it more based on the fact that I am not looking for these kinds of jobs? Hello, two days ago, I sent a question about signing master services contract sent by appen (from the official address) and referring to two other experiences (Jane and Nesma). Please Jay, you approved the agreement with all these conditions with appen before you start working as your contractor. I`m in the final phase of Appen`s contract. There are a lot of mandatory data words that I don`t even understand. I am regularly referred to parties who ask me if they agree or if they do not agree with the legal agreement. The terms and conditions seem scary, I mean what they want in the summary. Anyone can become an appen agent as long as they are at least 18 years old.

Devices require high-speed Internet access, a PC with Google`s Free Chrome web browser (version 45) and the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software. In addition, Appen`s competency requirements include excellent online research and analytics skills, excellent understanding and written communication skills, and (perhaps) some assessment tests (see #4 for more!). Some jobs might be well paid and some jobs not, but this is the life of an independent contractor and over time you will filter out the bad ones and continue to work with the good ones. Yes, to become an independent Appen agent, you must pass a three-part qualification exam and pass. The exam tests your theoretical and practical understanding of search engine evaluation. The aptitude exam is difficult and requires all your attention to succeed. Please take the time to complete the exam. Ask yourself only if you are hired by appen, ask for your bank account information, including usernames and passwords? Good morning, Jay. Thank you for your response. Can you give me the right appen web address to apply for home work.

I`m in India. Have you ever heard the phrase « You have to spend money to make money »? This is not the case with Appen. Independent agents pay absolutely no fees to get started, which means you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up. This means that Appen has some basic equipment requirements (read #3 below for more!) which can cost you some money if you don`t already have them. My second project was to submit 18 one-minute videos with some directions. I cannot disclose the details of the project due to the confidentiality agreement with Appen. To make short the long story, I deposited the 18 videos needed a few days before the deadline. However, about a week later I received an email from Appen that I am not paid for the project because 3 of the 18 videos were rejected.

In the same email they said that I was notified before the expiration of the delay of the rejected videos, but I did not make a new submission before the deadline, according to them. Hello Jay, your review is very helpful via appen thank you. So today I applied for the appen work of the house and after, my CV, moblie verification, checking smartphones and checking by email they asked me about my passport details, tax card details, license and account no name and bank account.