University Of Edinburgh Outcome Agreement

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Each CFS-funded institution provides funding through a results agreement. The agreements define what the institution has to do with the funds and the objectives it must achieve with those funds. [40] If an institution does not have to agree, the CFS may apply for funding from that institution. [41]3 In 2009, the CFS threatened to recover money from Stow College after requesting $988,000 in funding for courses that the Auditor General considered ineligible for Scotland. [42] [43] After reviewing the eligibility of the college`s funding programs, the CFS recovered $2.88 million, which will be paid over seven years beginning in November 2009. [44]:4 The Directorate of Access, Competence and Outcome Agreements is responsible for preparing the Council`s outcome agreements with funding bodies and has a responsibility for access and quality of education. The financial directorate is responsible for the application of CFS credits with respect to results agreements, protection of CFS credits and advice to FE colleges. So, the 2014/17 results agreement for Edinburgh College included objectives such as increasing the adéiatic income from 29 to 35 per cent of total college income, increasing the number of full-time students with internships from 1419 to 5000 and increasing the proportion of women participating in construction and engineering studies from 6.7% to 7.4%. [45]:(S. 14, 18-19) The Council has six committees responsible for consulting and monitoring various areas of the Council`s activities. [22] The various committees mandate areas such as improving the knowledge of skills required by Scottish industry in partnership with Skills Development Scotland; [23] Promote research and knowledge sharing by HE and FE institutions; [24] Reports on Promoting Equality, Diversity and Participation in Education; [25] Control of the financial capacity of the AAS and internal risk management, corporate governance and auditing sectors; [26] Oversight and reporting on the Commission`s internal financial matters; [27] and to make decisions with the agreement of the Scottish Government[5]:(. 1, paragraph 5) on the remuneration of the Chairman of the Board, the Director General, directors and members. [28] The Centres for Innovation program is a joint initiative of SFC, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise to fund cooperation between universities and businesses and promote entrepreneurship.

The SFC said it would release $120 million by 2018 and has funded eight innovation centres since June 2016:[51] Innovation Scotland is a joint initiative of SFC, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise to promote entrepreneurship and promote cooperation between Scottish universities and businesses. Innovation Scotland Forum is a working group that reviews and advises the CFS and the Scottish Government on national policies. [29] Use the Back button to get back to where you started, or try another link. Archived Information For announcements, outcome agreements, consultations, news, reports and publications, Council documents or commissions published before 2016, see the archived CFS documents.